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The future of our planet
is in our own hands

As a nature resort, Forest Hill Resort actively thinks about using environment-friendly and socially responsible ways to offer uncompromisingly gorgeous hideaways to our visitors and residents. From water harvesting to green practices, here are a few things that we do to contribute towards the environment.


Water is a basic necessity and being actively used in large quantities. But only a few amount of people or communities are thinking about harvesting water from natural resources. At Forest Hill Resort, we are adopting the latest methods such as water harvesting system, water recycling and recharging soil water. This way we are able to save on water expenses and limit the waste which is essential for a better living.

Green Groundskeeping

All the trees at Forest Hill Resort are intact and being removed only if they are diseased, dead or at the risk of falling. Till now, we have also planted more than one lakh trees and to increase the area of biodiversity, we have also introduced a large number of new plants species along with indigenous species that possess medicinal value (Bahera, Aonla, Neem, Dake etc.), aesthetic value and also provide food to Birds like Ficus species. One will also find herbal plants like Chirayta, Brahmi, Stevia, Moringa etc. planted firmly and thriving at the resort.

Green Laundry

The linen used in the rooms and around the resort is washed daily only when requested. This helps in saving water and along with that other environmentally friendly laundry products are also used.

Drip & Sprinkler

Forest Hill Resort has plenty of plants, tress and greenery all around. To provide them with the right environment to nurture and thrive in, plenty of water will be needed. As FHR aims at preserving water resources, we use drip & sprinkler irrigation methods. This method ensures that the entire green area is sufficiently covered and there's minimum water loss through evaporation or surface runoff. We make sure that every drop of water is used in a thoughtful way, thus saving 30% to 40% water than what would have normally been used.

Waste Recycling &

At Forest Hill Resort, we are committed towards keeping the entire resort area immaculately clean. We do this with the help of the bins that are installed all around the resort and have a standardized color-code with clear signage that encourages the visitors as well residents to assist us in our mission. As the bins clearly mention which each one is for, the people around make sure that only that particular item goes into the bin so that it can later be processed, reused or sent to a private treatment facility. Food waste produced in our kitchen and landscaping waste coming from plant trimmings, dry leaves, branches, etc. are recycled through composting and mulching. We try to give back to the mother earth and things that are non-degradable are put to better uses.

Green Count

Forest Hill Resort is a private location in every sense and nestled away in a serene environment, away from the bustle of the city. It is unlike any tourist destination, with its own identity that highlights in a spectacular manner. The entire resort, living spaces, club and recreational areas are surrounded by pristine beauty of unadulterated greens, trees, fields, hills and valleys. But we are not just limited to the green count that is already there in the location. We have planted more trees and plants such as Chirayta, Brahmi, Stevia, Moringa, etc. to enhance the beauty and offer the visitors a clean green environment that they would love to be a part of.